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A New Marketing Partnership

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AI Powered Digital Marketing Services

We use cutting-edge digital marketing tactics to empower your business to grow.
geo fencing

Geofencing & Location Based Marketing

Geofencing gives you the ability to target potential customers based on geography. By tracing a virtual “geofence” around a physical location or event to build your audience. Customers entering the geo-fence are added to your target audience.

Omni-Channel Website Retargeting

Target your customers where they go. Omni-Channel website retargeting delivers display advertising to the right customers. Our AI Powered ads target the right customers only, saving you money. Build customer loyalty by keeping your brand top of mind for only pennies per banner ad.
Native ads
SEO image

Search Engine Marketing

Improve your websites visibility using SEO tactics and best practices. Utilizing AI Powered search engine optimization tools, we create high-performing content pages. That means a consistent stream of new high-quality website visitors. Organic traffic from Google requires no extra advertising costs and can last years.

Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Bring in website leads and sales now with Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising. PPC ads place your business name, phone number and website URL at the top of the search results. Resulting in immediate leads and potential sales for your business. Best of all, you completely control the amount of your ad spend, starting from pennies per day
GA new

Local Maps Marketing

Reach more local customers with your Google My Business listing. If you’re selling a local product or service being searchable in your community is key. Our local maps marketing is the best way to increase local visibility and drives sales.

Website Design

A high-converting website is the best way to reach new customers. We can build you a beautiful website that bring in leads & sales. Start to finish our team will handle the design and build process — so you can focus on running your business.
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"Working with Smart Solar Marketing was a game changer! "

Jordan Showers - Smart Solar Energy co

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increase in organic traffic


increase in new leads

Solar Energy Co is a solar panel provider and startup looking to grow their marketing share in the Pacific Northwest. They reached out to the Smart Solar Marketing Founders for marketing help. After an initial consultation the founders decided that there could be an opportunity for partnership here. Once a deal was reached, the founders went to work and helped Jordan Showers grow his solar business to one of the larger solar panel providers in the State of Oregon. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

Award-winning Solar Marketing

Growing a solar company in this competitive industry can be challenging. That’s why we use our proven SMART™️ solar marketing system to improve all aspects of your digital marketing including your website, Google My Business, Social Media, Display Ads, and more. Our system provides a complete marketing framework that will grow your solar company on auto-pilot. 

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Why Choose Smart Solar Marketing?

The founders at Smart Solar Marketing have more than a decade of experience building and growing companies online. More than just lead generation, the SMART system will help you build a complete online presence.

Meet our team of solar marketing experts

Founded by a team of marketings and solar company owners. After founding their digital marketing agency in 2014, they started a solar company. In just two short years they were able to dominate the marketing landscape and become the fastest growing company in the State. Now, they are working with solar company owners to help them grow their business. If you’re looking for more than just lead generation, but instead a complete marketing solution let’s talk!


Proven Results

Our SMART system is a turnkey marketing solution that will drive consistent new high-quality leads and solar installs for your company. 

Honest & Ethical

Transparent pricing and deliverables so you know exactly what you’re getting and how the system will grow your solar company. 

Profit First

Investing in a marketing solution is all about ROI. Our marketing strategy includes both organic and paid lead generation system that drives profits.

Customer Focused

One of the most overlooked areas sustainable longterm growth is customer satisfaction. Our system makes managing customers a breeze. 

We've helped Solar Company owners develop a marketing system that generates daily high-quality leads.

Get started with a free strategy session with Seth.

Our Solar Marketing Services


Every solar company needs a website that will consistently convert solar leads into installs. 


Email automation can help you improve conversions  for every new lead that comes in. 


Paid advertising campaigns is a great way to fill your calendars with new high-quality solar leads.


Use SEO and SEM to own the area around your installation network and bring in new customers.  


Instantly appear at the top of Google Search with Google’s Pay Per Click Advertising campaign.


New clients need 7-9 touch points to build trust in your brand. Website retargeting can help. 


Build trust in your solar company by properly managing your online reputation and customer reviews. 


The best way to improve your marketing is to properly attribute leads to the right campaign. 


Online video support network to help your sales team to close more deals more consistently.