Marketing Solutions for Solar Companies


Website Design & Development

Your website is your solar companies #1 sales asset and home base for your marketing strategy. Websites must be professional, functional but also convert new client leads into customers, consistently. We can build your company a solar website that looks as good as it performs. If you’re interested in learning more about our Website Design & Development services click the “LET’S TALK” button below to schedule a marketing strategy call.
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Search Engine Optimization - SEO

How visible is your solar companies online presence? Searchability in Google and other major search engines is the easiest way to get consistent and reliable new solar panel installation leads. Plus, studies show that leads from Google Search convert at a much higher rate that those of paid advertising. The reason for this is simple, it’s referred to in the digital marketing world as ‘Customer Intent”. When someone searches out a Solar Company or Solar Installer near them they are further along in the buying process. Capturing these high-quality intent based leads is a great way to fill your sales pipeline. If you’re interested in learning more about how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help grow your solar company click on the “LET’S TALK” button below to schedule a marketing strategy call.


Search Engine Marketing - PPC

Do you need to fill you need new solar installation leads quickly? Search Engine Marketing otherwise know as Pay-Per-Click Advertising through Google is a great choice. PPC Campaigns can send an instant stream of high-quality intent based customer leads directly to your sales pipeline. Pay-Per-Click campaigns use geo-targeting to ensure that new solar installation leads will come only from your teams install area so there’s no wasted advertising spend. Pay-Per-Click leads convert at a similar rate to organic Google Search leads, and with the profit margins of solar installation jobs, this form of marketing is a no-brainer. Plus, Google’s advanced tracking system will give you accurate data on lead costs and conversions. If you’re interested in learning more about Pay-Per-Click Advertising for your business click on the “LET’S TALK” button below to schedule a marketing strategy call with our team.


Customer Retargeting

Have you ever clicked on a product and then suddenly you see the product advertised everywhere you go? Well this is Customer Retargeting in action, and it’s a very effective form a digital marketing. Data suggests that new solar install customers need up to 10 interactions with your business before they are comfortable enough to make a purchase. Advanced Customer Retargeting campaigns can help new customers familiarize themselves with your brand and greatly increase your sales teams conversion rates. If you’re searching for a reliable way to nurture new customer leads then Customer Retargeting is an obvious choice. Click on the “LET’S TALK” button below to schedule a marketing strategy call to learn more.


Social Media Advertising

For fast growing solar panel installers, Social Media Advertising is a great choice to fill your new customer pipeline. Social Media Advertising allows you to cut through the traditional sales cycles, and instead go after the customer where they are. Targeting customers who are already researching solar panels and solar installations is a great way fill your sales pipeline quickly. If your a growing solar company that needs a consistent and steady stream of new solar leads to fill your solar pipeline than Social Media Advertising is for you. If you’d like to learn more than click on the “LET’S TALK” button below to book your strategy call with our team.
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