At Traffic & Funnels we take particular pride in one fact…

Our Clients Get Real Results.

That is why we encourage you to really take your time on this page. Watch the videos. Read the testimonials. The amazing folks who are on this page are REAL PEOPLE, just like you. They had worries, obstacles, challenges, haters – all of the issues that any person who wants to be truly successful will have. But they overcame. And you can too!

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In Just Five Years as a Company…

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Pete went from making $13K a month to $60K a month.

“I came to T&F for help on traffic, and help on marketing… but the mindset stuff has sort of been the “secret weapon.” It’s helped me to become a different person. It’s changed how I think about business, and setbacks, and failure…”
Pete Tansley
Fitness Business Extraordinaire

Some of Our Favorites

Business is hard. But we often make it much harder than it needs to be. Each of these fine folks came in, took our advice and started kicking ass for their clients. Here’s what they had to say!

We helped Aleric develop a marketing system that generates quality lead flow for him daily.

“They were able to (in a very limited amount of time) dive into exactly the problems that my business was having, and figure out a way to solve them.”
Aleric Heck
Founder & President – AdOutreach

Here's what some others had to say about Traffic & Funnels:

trust pilot

Within a week of joining, Tasha closed 3 clients at a price tag that was more than 4x her previous offer…

“I owe it all to ClientKit… I can’t give them enough credit for where my business is now and where’s it’s going to go!”
Tasha Blasi
Fertility Coach and Consultant

Client Testimonial Videos

Our clients love to crow about us and the results that they’re getting from working with us. And you better believe that we don’t mind letting them! Check out some of these stories from people just like you who got actual results.
Jonathan R. – Podcast Producer
JR had a rough start to his ClientKit™ journey. He had 16 strategy sessions and NO sales.He discovered that he was talking to the WRONG people. Once he found the right clients he signed four-in-a-row. JR says, “Trust the process and reap the rewards.”
Ryan S. – Facebook Advertising Strategist
Ryan has rapidly taken his business from a few hundred dollars per client to over $20K in retainers. He’s now working on expanding even further. His $7,500 day makes his goals much easier to hit.
Jim F. – Strategic Marketing Consultant
Jim was selling done-for-you services through his agency which was working ok for him. However, through realigning his offer to what the perfect client needed, he’s now a marketing consultant that gets them massive results, not a service provider.
Leticia L. – Business Consultant
Leticia and her business partner came into ELITE looking for guidance around what to focus to propel growth, and what to avoid to stay on track. After being in the program for almost two years, the value that they’ve extracted and the environment has increased their confidence as business owners a hundredfold.
Landon, Chris & Jaden – FB Group Experts
They came into ELITE after being stuck at the $20k-$30k/month mark for a year. Besides increasing their overall monthly revenue, one of the biggest hurdles they needed help with was finally charging more for their services and honing in on who they serve. After only their second month in ELITE they have generated $70k in a single month. Literally doubling what they were making before and tripling their prices.
Matthew C. – LinkedIn Organic Lead Gen Specialist
Matt came into ELITE December 2019 averaging $80k-$100k/month and wanted a clear process to help qualify and convert prospects. In February alone, he’s vastly improved his sales process and enrolled $40,000 in a single week.